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HELLO EVERYONE-looking forward to seeing you again this year. We regret to inform you that Shella is no longer with us. She had to move to Nebraska full time to help her dad. We will miss her.  Many of you remember Darcy who used to run our office in Sallisaw. She is taking over for Shella. 

IRS- Returns will be accepted by the IRS beginning January 29th.  The final day to file without an extension is April 15.

However, we can prepare your returns starting January 15th.  Most years we have several updates or strange changes the IRS/Congress has made to the tax return. While there are some minor changes, filing will be really similar to last year. We have noticed over the past couple of years, clients with insurance through the HEALTHCARE MARKETPLACE tend to forget to bring their form that is used to determine if the insurance subsidy was calculated correctly. The IRS won't accept a return that is required to have it when we send it electronically. The form usually comes out in late January.


  • Keeping good receipts and records is very important.

  • You should make sure you claim all your income.

  • During audits, your total deposits are added by the IRS. We need to at least file on this amount.

  • If you have more deposits than income reported, The IRS will want to know why. Document why.

  • Self employment should be accounted for in full, and deductions should be documented in your files.

  • Never, Never, Never claim a fraudulent dependent. It always comes back to bite you.

  • Income from crypto and gambling must be claimed.

IF YOU ARE FILING WITH DEPENDENTS: (We don't need the records, keep them safe at home

  • Make sure you only claim your child, grandchild, brother/sister, niece/nephew.

  • Step children can only be claimed if the proper parent is a co-filer on your return

  • Make sure you only claim dependents who have lived with you for at least 183 days this year.

  • If someone else claims food stamps for your dependent, that will create a problem.

  • If they are school age, make sure the school shows you as the responsible parent.

  • Make sure you have at least one utility bill, rent receipt/mortgage payment at your residence in your name.

  • Make sure we file the same address on your return as the receipts show.

  • Make sure you have adequate documentation saved that proves your relationship to the dependent.


  • You file a w2 or 1099 and your employer or contractor doesn't turn their part in on time. (January 31st).

  • Someone else is claiming your dependents on their return.

  • Someone else has been getting food stamps for your dependents.


Some days are busy and you are in a hurry.  We understand that you don't enjoy sitting around waiting.  Sometimes you may just need to get somewhere fast. It's never a problem for you to drop off. You can drop your info in the locked black box by the front door, or leave with Darcy.  We appreciate you!!


January through February are drop in days. March 15 through December 31st are appointment days. This time frame allows for you to come in with no waiting. If you can wait, we recommend setting an appointment, but you are welcome to choose either time you wish.

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